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I just virtually saged you upon entering my space…

welcome to the many moods of cheryse

Chapter 5 : all in

“I can’t see you either….Taj is his face showing up on the screen yet” I smoothly said indicating Taj was around, hoping Jared caught the fucking hint. “Nah bruh, we can hear you but we can’t see you at all, the screen is black” Taj followed me up. “Oh damn that’s crazy, I was facetiming yall to tell you I made it home after meeting up with my boy for drinks and that I will get a start on editing your pictures first thing in the morning, I will have them to you by dust, and yo Taj that was a hefty something you left me…. Got damn I appreciate that!” Jared exclaimed obviously catching the hint and playing it just how I like it. “oh you already know how I get down, I ain’t no slacker by any means” he replied cocky. Like hell you aren’t, you don’t even notice the little stuff, the big stuff none of anything that goes on with me you fucking ass wipe.I know I shouldn’t have thoughts like this but damn, He walks around like a big shot but don’t even notice me.

“Well I hope I didn’t disturb yall, That’s all I wanted, I’ll get at yall tomorrow evening sometime. In unison we said “goodnight.” The phone hung up and Taj stared at me in silence for a couple seconds. Fuck, why is he looking like that? I wonder what he’s thinking? Damn I hope I played it off good enough. My mind was all over the place trying to figure out why he was giving me this cold stare. “Damn what if he would’ve called while you were in here playing with your pussy?” he said in a mysterious tone. “Is that question rhetorical? Why would I even answer the facetime when I’m taking care of myself?” I spat back trying to keep my energy the same. I know Taj is an intelligent street nigga so he sniffs out nervous energy in a heartbeat. “yeah that’s the right answer, I would hate for them to find your body on lake Norman” he said while chuckling. I never found shit like that funny because my mama always said every joke has a little truth to it. 

“Bring that pussy here and let me see what that juice taste like, since you clearly just came all in this bed.” He motioned for me to open my closed legs back up. I dangled my knees to each side exposing my fresh nut laying in the between two entrances. Slowly he brought his head down close enough for me to feel him breathing on my swollen clit. See I’m not the type of girl that can handle two orgasms from clit stimulation back to back, that blood has to build up. Being that he knew I just came, he’s supposed to know not to be down there messing around. That sensitive feeling was still there so him licking at it will definitely turn me off. His tongue licked the tip of my clit and I cringed. “what’s wrong? you ain’t tryna get ate up” he whispered, clearly clueless to the fact. “well baby I just came and know you I can’t do 2 rounds of clit stimulation” I replied honestly. “Damnnn girl well why you ain’t just wait for me you, knew I was coming home.” “Get the fuck outta here Taj, I never have a real estimate of when you’re returning for these meetings, and when you tell me you’re on the way and I prepare, something always come up and you end up staying out later, so NO I didn’t know when you were coming home Taj.” “well I’m here now and my dick is on cement, so if you don’t want no head open that thang up because I’m about to swim in you.” Reluctantly I slowly opened my legs, in a split second his hands was around my neck and I felt instant penetration. 12 fast thrusts in, I felt the stroke getting off rhythm, the dick got harder and started pulsating inside me. I arched my back as my heart sped up and my walls began clinching around him, our eyes locked, his hands around my neck, my nails clawing into his hands, we came simultaneously like synchronized swimmers. How in the hell did I manage to get some bomb ass foreplay from Jared and then Taj come slam dunk the Alley with this exquisite dick? Hope I don’t slip back into my old ways because this shit is too good to be true. We lay spooning in our juices, right into a deep sleep. 

The morning came faster than we did last night. With sleep still in my eyes, I reached over to look at my phone and seen Jared had text me: 

“good morning gorgeous, that was a close call, I’m so glad we handled it the way we did, I wish you would have seen the final product of how turned on you had me. I made a playlist for you to listen to today. I can’t wait to see you again…. 

Superstar- Usher

(If loving you is wrong) I don’t want to do right- Luther Ingram

Can I- Alina Baraz

The secret garden- Quincy Jones

Hey lover- LLcoolJ

Take away- Missy Elliot

Your Hands- Marsha Ambrosius

Feenin- Jodedci 

Softest place on earth- Xscape

Would you mind- Janet Jackson

Wild is the Wind- Amel Larrieux

Teach me- Miguel


This is the shit that had me on facetime last night with the shits. I like romantic thoughtful ways of affection. It has been a long time since I’ve had him in me… why do I feel like I’m wanting to plan something.


I text back trying not to sound too pressed:

This playlist is a nice vibe for today, thanks! You know I can’t get us hemmed up, I had to think quick on my feet. What time do you go to lunch today? 

 Immediately I received a response, “Anytime, why Whats up.” 

Giving it 3 or 4 thoughts I sighed and started typing “well I wanna pull up on you, and I need to know if I do, how long you’ll have.” Seconds later I was please to read “just hit me when you get here, you know I’m not watching a clock around you.”


I smiled sending a heart eye emoji, I felt Taj standing almost over me. “what got you over there smiling like that?” he said firmly. 

“oh child, just clowning on the group chat with Kenya and Sheila.” He gave me the side eye then walked out the room. I got up and ready to drop the kids off with Jared on my mind. As good and faithful as I’m trying to be, I am tempted to pull up at Jared’s job and suck the skin off of his dick. The memory of that one time and now this rekindling has my nose open. I remember in a previous conversation he told me that his wife has never made him cum off head, I know good and damn well that will be an easy task for me, hell I put superhead out of business. In mid thought Taj entered back in the room yelling out plans for me today, “Aye Sinclair, I need you to meet with Josh and Jerald, they agreed to teach you how to properly negotiate the load board so we could get more money for the loads.” This nigga always delegating tasks to me, I can never fully focus on my business. He feels because his business supports the household, it’s the most important. I appreciate all he does financially but he doesn’t have that same energy when it comes to my business. There’s no way I should know about filing IFTA taxes, booking on a load board, timesheets and all the truck related shit I know. 

“cool, what time am I expected to be there?” I asked with an obvious attitude. “I told them noon, I hope they don’t keep you all day because I won’t able to get the kids, I have clients to meet today.” He responded making his way out the door for the day. I rolled my eyes in frustration, The visions of me giving Jared some fire head in the backseat of my truck on his lunchbreak now faded and I knew meeting with these brothers would be painful because there was somewhere I’d much rather be. I shot over a text to Jared: “I was headed to you but plans got derailed with Taj’s errands.” I didn’t expect him to text back so fast because I know his day job can be so demanding at times but was surprised when my phone buzzed and I read:

 “oh no, you good, don’t trip, we’re seeing each other this week anyway for the fashion show auditions. Do you think he will let you ride with me?” 

“you know damn well he ain’t gonna care” 

“well then, get at me when you can, but if not I will see you soon sin.” My week couldn’t go by fast enough. I just want to be in his space listening to music massaging the back of his neck as we drive. 



Days of redundant mediocre tasks went by and today was the day Jared and I drive to Barber-Scotia for the auditions for their homecoming fashion show. Jared and one of his model friends Alexia put together a dope ass show and commissioned me to do makeup on the girls, I was ecstatic to showcase my work and build new relationships but most importantly I was ready to be in the company of a man that sees me and interests me. I happened to walk pass the window in my living room and seen Jared’s 750 pull in the driveway. He waved his hands and motioned for me to come out but I know Taj would have tripped hard on him doing that so I got out of my phone and texted him: “You know Taj will trip if I got in the car with you without you coming in to speak.”

He shot back: “Damn that nigga your daddy or something? We pressed for time.” 

I folded my arms and decided not to text back because he would have to come in if didn’t soon come out. 

As I predicted the doorbell rung and Taj walked over to open it. Jared came in briefly and small talked with Taj before we headed out down the road. Little did Jared or Taj know I had on black lace lingerie complete with a garter under my sweater and leggings. I plan to get busy tonight one way or the other. 

We weren’t out of my neighborhood good, It was 6:04pm, the sun hadn’t began setting, Jared turned on the playlist he sent me the other day and Jared’s had crept up my thigh, the butterflies in my stomach started doing the solija boy. I laid my head on the headrest and let out a moan, I felt his fingers reach the inside of my thigh then I grabbed his wrist……

stay tuned for chapter 6

chapter 6: The car ride..

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