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chapter 6: The car ride..

He took his fingers out and put them in my mouth. What the hell were we getting ourselves into. As if we weren’t far in enough, here we were creating new memories. The car crept down the highway while the sun set behind us I knew I wanted it in my mouth. My fingers walked up his zipper until I found the top and began to slide it down. The pants are tight enough, but this hard dick is filling the little room I do have to navigate with. As if he read my mind he offered some assistance unbuttoning and guiding the erected monster out. With my seat belt still intact leaned over and filled my mouth with this throbbing force. I choked on it until salvia took over and tears heavily formed in my eyes. I could feel the car slightly swerving every time my lips met the end of the shaft. Several minutes passed, my jaws were losing energy and my neck started to pain, my mind wondered what the hell was taking so long for him to bust this nut. It was growing harder and he was moaning but I didn’t feel an orgasm coming. I pulled up and asked him “Am I doing it too hard”, he replied “no, it feels so good baby but I probably won’t cum, I’ve never came off head before”. I felt defeat and determination simultaneously. I now had to prove that he could, but defeated because I wouldn’t have used the technique I used on him given these new facts. First things first dealing with guys who’s never came from head, you have to learn their rhythm. Start slow, very slow, see how the body reacts, you’ll know, secondly spit on it, see if extra freaky turns him on (usually does) from there you create the motion and the vibe until they guide you to the nut. I quickly learned that he like me to barely touch it, he liked it extra slow, snail slow, little to no suction. 3 minutes of that I felt his legs starting to shake. I started moaning and sucking at the same time and that seemed arouse him even more, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other buried in my hair, he humped and humped until he busted in my mouth like a fruit gusher. I winked to myself knowing that was a serious W under my belt, but if also left me wondering how the hell had he been married since fresh out of college and has never came from head, If I were his wife there is no way my husband would ever be able to say that. One may think he was just lying and gassing but you would have had to be there to feel the intensity of the orgasm to know nahhh this was indeed his first time. “You got any paper towels” I asked through a cum filled mouth. As if he never heard me, his eyes were glued straight ahead, both hands on the steering wheel appearing to be in a trance. “Do you hear me talking to you?” I asked, hating to be ignored. “Oh huh, oh damn, I’m sorry I did not hear you talking to me.” clearly. “Yes, there’s plenty in the glove compartment, you don’t know what the hell you just did to me, like what the fuck are you trying to do to me?” After scraping my tongue with folded Zaxby’s napkins I looked over and answered “I don’t know what you’re talking about… You were sure you couldn’t cum from oral, I thought I’d prove to you that it was all in your head.” “Got damn though, look at my lap, how am I going to go in there like this?” I chuckled as I looked down to see his pants and underwear drenched. I shrugged my shoulders and laid my head on the headrest to give myself a well-deserved moment. My thoughts began to take over… why don’t I feel guilty? Was I really that bored with Taj? Is this only thrilling because I was sneaking? How long will I continue this? We pulled over minutes before we reached our destination to regroup. He planted the longest most passionate kiss on me, gazed into my eyes and said, you don’t even know how much I love you. I felt the same way but in order to keep it casual I sarcastically said, “I’d say that too if I just busted from head for the first time.” He instantly went from seriousness to laughter. 

We pulled up to the school and parked and I hear somebody yell “Yo Sinclair!” I’m almost an hour away from home, who the hell could possibly know me, I don’t know anyone who attends here. I walked over to a lean guy with anunfamiliar face. I could tell on his face that my face looked hella puzzled because he quickly responded and said, “You probably don’t know me, I follow your social media, When I seen you, I quickly recognized you.” This social media shit is a trip. “Oh really? wow what’s your name?” I asked really not even interested but If you know me you know I can’t really be a straight asshole. “Rome Peterson.” he answered. “oh, ok cool, it was so nice to meet you, what are you doing up here, do you go here?” I asked still not interested. “Oh no, I graduated high school before you, we actually have mutual friends, I’m alumni here and I come help with the band during homecoming,” he spat back excitedly. “oh, damn that’s dope, well I will be seeing you around, again nice to meet you.” I tuned to walk off and immediately seen Jared waiting for me at the door with the coldest look on his face. It was getting cool outside but not the temperature of his stare, that shit was on Gucci mane bur. “what that nigga want?” he asked with an attitude. “Hell, I don’t know, he said he knew me from Instagram.” I smiled, flattered by the jealousy in his tone. We both turned to walk into the building, I felt my phone buzz in my purse, I pulled it out and read a message across the screen from Facebook that read “This is my page just so you’d know.”

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