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Chapter 1: The camera man

It had been a long day shooting the spring campaign for her upcoming makeup line alongside her husband, sleep was falling fast on Sinclair as she looked up from the fabric she was wrapping her models head with to find her photographer Jared undressing her with his eyes. “I need to lay down, it cant be so” she thought to herself. It had been over 6 years since they had that one sexual encounter but she thought they had buried the memory and agreed to remain friends, but damn if those idle tingles weren’t resurrecting. A stolen kiss from her husband broke the hot stare between her and Jared. “babe isn’t Jared the truth, that boy is nice with that camera aint he?”, a sly smirk was on the face of Jared as she replied “umm um sss yess he is actually”. Whatever her husband Taj went on to say was a blur as she drowned in the memory of her and Jareds first encounter…


It was a colder September day in 2010 and I was glad the kids dad were able to get them from school because I knew rushing from work to get them and then home to prepare for Jared’s arrival would be way too much. When I pulled in my driveway I was quickly embarrassed because Jared’s car was there, which means ain’t no telling how long he had sat there waiting. “Damn” i whispered to myself as I waved to him and motioned for him to come in. “Hey i’m so sorry, how long have you been out here” I said nervously while fondling to find the right key to open the door. “um not too long, you smell good, what is that you’re wearing” he asked. “Oh this vintage top? i’ve had it since I was in high school actually”. “Well thats nice too but I was referring to your fragrance, I said you smell good Sinclair” he spit back sarcastically. “ohhhh damn, i’m so sorry its actually just some oil I got from the beauty supply store on freedom drive” I responded sheepishly. He continued to smile, clearly seeing that I was losing it. “you can set your equipment up here while I go change” directing him to the living room. In my room, I removed my clothes and I sat there with my eyes closed, taking a deep breath not understanding where this attraction was coming from and why I was rubbing my nipples through my bra, I started hearing the sounds of tank “can I” coming from the living room. What is he trying to do to me? Lord I just want him to take these pics and be gone. My feet moved the speed of a snail until I reached the end of the hallway, when I looked up his back was facing me, I observed him for a moment adjusting a standing light.

“wow, I like that,”

he said turning around smiling like cheshire cat.

“yeah?— thank you, I hate being my own model but I don’t have the funds to be pay anyone right now—speaking of which you never gave me a price”.

“I know, i’m giving you my services free of charge because I am a fan of your work and I admire you doing this as a single mom, when Simone introduced us and I seen the passion you put into styling her shoot, It felt refreshing to see. Not too many people are passionate about much these days.”

That was certainly not the answer I wanted to hear because I know all too well that nothing in life is free and some way, somehow I’d have to pay him back, but listen I wasn’t even about to argue over saving a few dollars, especially because my pockets were low as 50 cent in a Ja rule beef. The original idea of selling accessories I thought was a good one, because my parents were artisans and I grew up around jewelry making but the investment in myself was becoming a little more than I could afford.

I sat on the stool, poised and focused on creating the best shot, but the deep stare from this almond colored bearded man was consuming me. “This is so fucking distracting” I thought to myself while the clicks from the camera seemed to be putting me under hypnosis. He moved in to get an up close shot of the lucite earrings I was wearing, so close that I could feel him breathing in depth on my skin. Goose bumps covered my body and my stomach did a few Gabby Douglas flips, I felt paralyzed, I believe at one point my eyes even closed.

Relief came when he backed up and and said assertively “now stand up and turn around— face the wall but turn your head to the side”

“like a profile shot”

“yes a profile shot….. just like that…..perfect”

How was he taking the pic but I clearly see his eyes staring a hole through the crack of my ass.

Not even 43 shots in and enough was enough, I couldn’t hear tank say “when was the last time somebody has taken the time and made you feel special, well baby i got all night…” without my draws getting sticky. I looked up with fire in my eyes and said “come to the room”.

Without hesitation he followed, I grabbed his hands pulling him into the darkness. As soon as our feet went from the hardwood in the hallway to the carpet in my room I started unbuckling his belt to release the bulge that was protruding vastly. My mouth watered and I was now face to face with a dick the size of a log. Like the speed of lightening, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down my throat. I gagged and coughed, a single tear came down my face, damn I was ill prepared for this aggression but somehow it was turning me on.
The aggression didn’t stop there, my skirt came flying up like strong winds took hold, I was as wet as a category 5 hurricane. I felt his hands gripped my neck almost stopping my breathing.

“Are you safe?” he asked with my legs dangling over his shoulders, all I could do was slightly nod yes because he still had a firm hold on my neck.

Suddenly I gasped, feeling him enter me deep and hard.

my mind began to feel like tv static, you know, when the screen is black and white and jumping all over the place.

I hadn’t been in this position in a while so every stroke felt like a reward. My nails dug his forearm and I felt myself trembling, I knew the climax was approaching. He lowered his body my legs, still over his shoulders, only sweat between us, he whispered in my ear “cum now”. My eyes rolled back in my head, I lost control over my face, and shook until my body went limp. Shortly after, he sped up, one hand still around my neck the other found its way inside my fro directly gripping my scalp, his head went back face facing the celling, he yelled “pull it out and put it your mouth” he released his hands from me and I followed his orders, filling my mouth with the after effects of some good loving.

Thank God for the towel that I didn’t put back in the bathroom after showering this morning, I ran it across my mouth and stared at the ceiling, his body fell beside mine and we both laid there panting until our breaths became steady. Still not saying a word, he looked over at me and smiled. wanting to pinch myself, my thoughts started to flood with questions, I silently asked myself “Did we just fuck?”, “Did we raw dog?”, “why was that shit so good?”, “what the fuck do I do now?—

“calm down, we’re grown, the enjoyment was mutual” he said jokingly. Damn is this man a mind reader? shit, how do he know what the hell I was thinking, miss cleo ass mutha fucka. I gave a shy girl grin and nervously replied “oh i know, what made you say that?”

“you just look like you’re in deep thought over there and I wanted to assure you this was ok, well actually this was fucking euphoric.”

He put back on his clothes, and gathered his things, we kissed goodnight and I spent the remainder of the night clenching the sheets wondering what the hell I had just done.

The next morning I texted Simone, the radio DJ I met him through and asked her what she thought of him, I shared with her that he did my photography session and I hoped that I like the outcome, but on a personal level I wanted to know what she thought of him since she had known him longer.

She responded quickly with “He’s very cool and fun to be around, always laughing and dancing but its crazy because his wife is the total opposite” My phone dropped to the floor as i read aloud the word WIFE. “Wait he is married, omg what the fuck did I just do.” I had never pursued a married man, let alone fuck one. “He knew damn well I didn’t know, how the fuck could the wool be pulled over my eyes like that, he’s never mentioned a wife, wore a ring or nothing this is crazy", I panicked. I picked up my phone and frantically texted him “wait so you’re married?” minutes felt like days waiting for him to respond, when he finally did the text read simply “yes.” I closed my eyes shut and imagined the amount of karma that he had possibly set me up for. My phone vibrated and his name covered the screen, I answered abruptly “yo what the fuck?” “Look don’t hate me, our attraction was just so strong, I couldn’t tell you because if i did i knew you would treat me differently” he explained sounding remorseful. “Look thats very deceitful, you didn’t even give me a choice, thats dead fucking wrong and you know it, what the fuck do you mean?”

“I know please forgive me, I have no excuse im really sorry, but can I say you felt really good last night, you almost drown me with that wet———”

“Baby you know I got that meeting to go to at 6—Sinclair, Clair” Taj said loudly and snapping his fingers in my face. “Baby you need some rest”

“um oh yeah I’m sorry, yeah i am tired— yeah you do have somewhere to be, go ahead babe dont be late, thanks for staying with me” I said coming out of the 8 year old memory trance, curious to know how long I had been sitting there day dreaming.

“Jared, Sinclair has your money, man thanks so much for all you do for our family. It feels good to have someone we could call and always show up. We still get so many compliments on our wedding pictures. You’re the best out here” Taj said enthused walking to the door, briefcase and keys in hand, not knowing that the man he is complimenting has been inside his wife before.

“ahhhh man you don’t have to thank me, Sinclair has been a good friend over the years so its only natural to feel the same way for her better half. Yall are family.”

we finished up the final shots, Jared and the models helped me clean up the mountain of the mess we made creating what I hope is our masterpiece shots for the campaign. “Goodnight Mrs.Clover, thanks for the opportunity, I hope you are pleased with the outcome” the girls said innocently walking out the door with their bags in hand. “oh no, thank you for coming through for me, and remember if you need anything, you call me, I know how it can be, away from your parents at college is no joke, you hear me”

“yes mam”

I smiled watching them walk to their car, trying hard to figure out why he hadn’t not only walked them out, but walked out with them. My kids and husband are gone and I did not want to be in another crazy situation like we had been previously. Unlike him, I had never stepped out on my husband and had no plans on doing so.

I closed the door and locked it, I turned around to find him inches away from me, fully dressed but dick hanging out opening of his pants, hard. He walked closer to me and………….

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Chapter 2: Stuck between a ___ and a bald head