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Chapter 3: FACEtime

“Mommy, moommmyyy” Rocket shouted, followed by Gracie’s thunderous footsteps. I leaped off the counter super quick shoving Jared out the way. “Babies! Y’all home? I thought you were staying with grandma? How did you get in sweetie? The door was locked.” I asked still shaken up.

 “Duhh mommy I used the keypad outside. Grandma said she will call you tomorrow. She said she was too tired to come in and Gracie kept crying for you. She tried calling you but you didn’t answer so she just brought us here.” Rocket explained breathlessly while pulling in his suitcase.  I’d just packed them up the day before in hopes that he and Gracie would stay with their Grandma for a few days. Looks like my hopes were shot! “Who dat in dere mommy?” Gracie asked running into the dining room where Jared was packing up his things. 

“It’s unkie Jared! Rocket look!” Gracie yelped running and leaping into Jared’s arms. Rocket flew in the room screaming “OMG Uncle Jared, I didn’t know you were here.” “ Hi guys, y’all are getting so big—” Jared kneeled down to hug Gracie and dap up Rocket.” I had to do some work for your mom. I miss you two.” I blushed at the excitement in his eyes, and thought to myself, Why won’t that heffa give this man some kids? Him coming to see them and having his nephew in New York is not enough, I swear she is a selfish bitch. I’ve never liked his wife, She’s always wrapped up in her work or always with her fucking friends, all while Jared is the most outgoing, creative, and attentive person I’ve ever met but she’s way too blind to notice what she has. If Taj was half as interesting and mentally stimulating to me as Jared was then woooo child. I came back into myself and continue watching Jared tickle and play with the kids. It was a blessing Miss Flo had already bathed them before dropping them off because Lord knows I was dead tired. “Ok, ok little ones! It’s time for me to tuck you in for bed and hey J, I can help you carry your stuff out if you need me to?” I asked, hinting for him go ahead and leave, the last thing I needed was Taj coming back and Jared still be here. “Ohh no Sin, I mean Sinclair you’re good, I got it, just get the kids to bed and come lock the door.” I cracked a half smile at him before heading in the kids room for our nightly routine. Rocket did his typical run and jump on his bed and I followed behind to tightly tuck him in and kiss him goodnight. Gracie yelled from her room, “Mommy are you coming to tuck me…” Before she could finish I appeared at her door and leaped on her bed. “Now you know mommy wouldn’t forget about her saving grace.” She smiled from ear to ear pursing her lips together waiting for me to plant a kiss on it. 

I closed the bedroom door shut and walked back towards the entry way to send Jared on his way. He was standing there waiting by the door with a small box in his hand. Hmmm what could this be? Damn he is so thoughtful and full of surprises. The last time he bought me a gift, I walked around and talked about it to Taj until he got a hole live attitude. “Mr. Jay what is that you’re holding?” I asked puzzled as I crossed my arms across my breasts. “Well mean ass Sinclair, I am super proud of you and the hard work you’ve put into this campaign so you know damn well I can’t let it go unnoticed…”Jared complimented.   

Fuccckkkk he do it for me every time, Never misses a fucking beat, I don’t even care what’s in there, the fact that he is even acknowledging all this enough. “..And before you start, don’t open it right now, wait until later.” He said softly while reaching out to hug me. We shared a hug longer than I expected before he released me and walked out the door and called over his shoulder, “I’ll text you when I get home.” I nodded and closed the door, turned my back to it and slid down to the floor, clinching the box to my chest.  

Moments later, I decided to shower and wait for his  “I made it home” text. It was weird that I hadn’t heard from Taj and it was after 11, again further proving he is more in tuned with his business rather than me. 

I don’t know when I dozed off but my phone and Macbook started buzzing simultaneously, It was Jared facetiming. I answered from my Macbook since it was closest it to me. 

“Boy where is London, how are you facetiming?”  noticing he was in his office with the lights dim.

 “Why you always worried about the wrong things? What you wearing over there?” he flirted. 

I wanted to lie and tell him a grandma gown but truthfully I was shea buttered up laying there in my crisp white sheets naked. Instead of answering I pulled the covers back, flicked my nightstand lamp on and revealed myself. 

“Fuck girl!”Jared whispered. He turned his phone front facing , showing me him gripping his hard pulsing dick. I instantly got wet at the sight. It had been a few night falls and sunrises since Taj had been inside of me, so Jared showing me that thick log again had my pussy and mouth watering. The camera when back to his face and he said in a sexy tone “Play with it, I wanna see you cum.” 

With not one second of resistance I reached in the nightstand drawer and pulled out my bullet. Roger (my bullet) had been faithful to me, comforting me on lonely nights, leaving puddles of juices under me each time I pulled him out to play. I propped my laptop up near my ankles and spread my legs. My nipples hardened from the touch of me pulling my lower lips apart and placing Roger on my pearl. Jared’s eyes widened at the sight of my juices flowing prematurely. My hips moved at the rhythm of the vibration. The moment before my nut started I stopped and pulled Roger away. 

“Sin why you stop” Jared asked frustrated and breathing heavily. 

“I don’t want to cum just yet, show me HIM again.” Instantly the camera was back on the wood. This time is was pre-cumming. Damn look at the bodies natural luburicant, I thought to myself while biting my lip. “Ok baby, I think I’m ready.” I moaned putting Roger back where he belongs. My pearl grew harder and more sensitive, My breaths sped up... “uhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhhh God damn ohhhhh baby I’m cumingggggggggggg”. 

I hadn’t realized Jared was jacking his dick while I handling me. I looked up at the camera he had came all on his hands, smiling embarrassed. Before I could tell him how sexy that was, Taj appeared at the room door scaring the fuck out of me. I slammed the computer screen down in shock. “What the fuck you in here doing? Watching that porn shit playing with yourself huh?” He questioned as he dropped his bag by the closet. I was too shook to say anything. I was mostly praying to God that he didn’t hear Jared on my laptop. I was so caught up I didn’t even realize Taj had gotten completely naked and was on his way to the bed. “Good, its been a while anyway. I need to feel that pussy, glad its wet already.” He climbed into our bed, dick already stiff and quickly rammed into me. 

My phone and computer started buzzing again. Jared is facetiming appeared on the screen. Taj looked at his watch, then back at me. “The fuck that nigga want? Yall can talk that picture shit tomorrow, You about to get this dick right now.” Still in silence, I laid my head back on the pillow until the buzzing stopped. Taj gestured for me to put it back in when the phone and computer went off again, this time Taj said annoyingly “Just answer it, it may be an emergency.” He picked up my phone and handed it to me…..

written by : Cheryse Terry

Edited by: DUB

chapter 4 will be released on 9/26

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