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I just virtually saged you upon entering my space…

welcome to the many moods of cheryse

Chapter 7: Happy Birthday Babe

Damn that was fast, I stared at the message thinking normally people just walk by knowing they recognize you but never mention it, he actually came up to me, left messaging me and is fine as hell. As I walked back in the gym, phone in hand I started looking through his pictures, The first thing I noticed about him was his style. Damn he has some threads, both suits and casual clothes, he was certified fly. Why am I like this? I thought. I mean i’m fresh out of a nigga lap and i’m already showing interest in another, Im wild, clearly. My thumb was sliding away, I was too zoned in to notice Jared watching me. Shit. I had no idea how long he’d been there but I know for sure he was pissed because his stare was cold. “Babe what you looking at” I murmured flirting. “You, scrolling, checking for this creep who you were just talking to?” he sarcastically spat. Hater much? I thought but smiled and said “checking for?, Please the only nigga I’m checking for is you.” Lie don’t care who tells it as long as it gets told, I could not wait to get home so I could see more of what this Rome was about.

Hours went by…

Quickly the need to stalk Rome on social media left my mind when I remembered the surprise birthday situation Jared had planned for me next week. I was so shocked at how he could sneak butt rubs and kisses on the neck out of the eyesight of the people around us. I was given the perfect opportunity to showcase my work but I couldn’t even focus on what was in front of me long enough to enjoy it because I so distracted by Jared’s affection. The night ended fast, beyond my memory and the car ride was filled with Janet Jackson “would you mind” on repeat. My mind began to fantasize what he had in store. I crept in the house carefully to prevent me waking up Taj and the kids, anticipating the week to come.

A week flew by and my birthday was finally here, I had convinced Taj that my day would be filled with mimosas and laughter with my homegirls but there I was parking my ride in front of the Embassy Suites. That damn Jared, he always had something up his sleeve and crawling out of his dick straight into me. My instructions from his text message told me to come to room 910. I took a deep breath, put on my dark shades and strolled my way into the lobby. “Welcome to Embassy suites Mam, Can I get you checked in?” — damn that bitch scared me, Im trying to be low-key and I be damned if she isn’t screaming across the lobby. “umm no I’m fine” I whispered while walking faster. Thankfully the elevator was empty the entire way up and the room was facing me immediately upon getting off. I reached my fist up to knock, but the door opened before I could. I didn’t even have time to step in, he grabbed me like I was being kidnapped and pushed me on the bed. It tickled the fuck out of me after my laugh, I laid there for a moment with my eyes closed to process what was about to happen, just when I was about to open my eyes to properly greet him I felt the head of his dick circling my lips. “hmmmm you ready huh” I looked up while kissing the tip. “Not just yet, sit up.” I followed directions and was stunned to see all the fucking balloons in the place. He has always been so detailed, shit. Laying beside me was some black lace lingerie he purchased for me. “yeah you see it, now put that shit on.” It was then I realized that I loved being told what to do.

I stepped out of the bathroom oiled up and ready for all the dick I was about to get. I walked around the corner to begin my mid day birthday dick appointment and was greeted by the clicking sounds of his camera. He was butt naked sitting on the chair snapping pics of me. I crawled on the bed pulled my thong to the side, licked my finger and started tapping at my pearl. She was stimulated fast and I totally forgot he was in front of me capturing the whole thing on camera. His eyes caught mine and stayed glued on me until the camera was down and he was licking my ankles. The warmth of his tongue was welcomed by the tingle in my thigh. My back began to arch followed by a throb in my clit, his hands clenched my knees and pushed them apart. I started to feel the lips on his face kiss the lips between legs, I was melting into the bed. The tongue only licked across it 3 times before hands grabbed my throat and he whispered in my ear “Happy Birthday babe.” Slowly he traveled back down to my personal Florida and started licking on her slow in circular motions. My hips rolled with the rhythm of his tongue and I kept the grind going while his fingers left my throat and softly gripped the edge of my nipples. It was the pointer finger flicking the right nipple that was on its way to sending my body into convulsions. I tried hard to be modest about this orgasm but with two of his fingers from one hand poking in and out of this fountain, the fingers from his other hand driving my nipple crazy, his tongue licking in and over my clit continuously, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his mouth into my pussy while I shook uncontrollably and filled his mouth with my universe. whew, I lie limp, no clue what was about to occur next but prepared for any and everything. Well maybe not everything, My wrist were being tied to the bed post with scarves. My brain was not up for that kind of play but my body couldn’t move after that explosive orgasm. Although it was broad daylight, I couldn’t see a thing with those heavy shades pulled on the windows, the darkness was constantly interrupted by my phone lightening up by Taj’s calls. I don’t know why the fuck he was calling, I had already told him me and my friends agreed on a no phone zone day…. my mind refocused, I felt Jared climbing back between my legs, I felt the hard monster being rolled across my pearl, he cared nothing about it still being sensitive, he continued until the veins of his dick was now feeling like lubricated ribbed tires on my lady. In it went with one full motion, I couldn’t even hold my stomach and brace for it because I was tied the fuck up, all I could do was shake and moan and beg, beg for him to take it easy, after all it was my birthday. I screamed “JArrR” as he thrusted in and out, in and fucking out. Both of his hands were on the back of my neck, thumbs meeting at the front of my throat, my legs dangled over his shoulders and he fought his way inside me with full force. “girl you been holding out, this shit is better than I remembered” he panted, I was in mid response then….. knock KnOck, KNOCK, knock, Knock 5 loud knocks killed the silence, him and I stopped, froze and face stale with fear…..

chapter 6: The car ride..