Renewal Retreat Deposit

Renewal Retreat Deposit

from 100.00

Hello Ladies!

I would love for you to join the shesinthemood tribe as we unwind, relax, set our intentions and master peace with a Renewal Retreat. Coming into the new year the word renewal keeps coming to mind. The dictionary defines renewal as, an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption. More than an activity, we find ourselves needing a reset button for our mind, spirit and emotions, so I thought what perfect way to reset intentions than to do it surrounding around like minded women who are actively seeking the same. This retreat has been carefully curated to restore, heal and deepen the connection with ourselves and those around us. We hope you will be able to join us on this journey of elevating higher through conversation, meditation, journaling and bonding.

The total cost for the trip is $300

The cost of deposit is $100 to be received before 1/25

The cost of the first payment is $100 due on 2/22

The cost of the second and last payment is $100 due on 3/8

*** This trip is first come first serve, only total of 12 spots. Your spot is locked in after non-refundable deposit sent, however if second payment isn’t received within 24 hours after due date, it will be released to whomever is next in line***

You are welcome to pay in full.

Whats included:

-shared room


Breakfast 1

Fresh fruit & Chia yogurt parfait with mango, blueberries & strawberries

Served along side “build your own omelet station” goodies (vegetarian/meat/dairy options)

Omelets will be topped with fresh Hollandaise sauce with fresh cut scallions 

Choice of hash browns, grits 

Lunch 1

Baked lemon chicken topped with fresh capers, served alongside white basmati rice 

Zucchini, multicolor mini potatoes & honey bread  

Dinner 1

Teriyaki steak OR chicken & pineapple bowls served with brown or white rice 

Topped with fresh pineapple & Tri-bell pepper sauce (parsley for garnish)

Breakfast 2:

Creme brûlée’s pancakes topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce  

Turkey bacon 

Fresh zesty fruit salad 

Poached (or fried) eggs 

Lunch 2

Home style baked ziti 

fresh salad & Italian bread 

Dinner 2:

Chakayla’s Special: Seafood paella, served alongside fried green plantains  

Dinner 3:

Honey garlic glazed salmon

Potato soup Stuffed baked potatoes 

Fresh quinoa salad 

Special green beans 

(All dinner will be served with mixed green salad bar options & assorted dressings and toppings)

-yoga sessions with

-guided meditation and journaling

-game night

-release ceremony

-Renewal Retreat t-shirt

-healing crystals

-writing journal

-personalized cloth tote



This trip is all inclusive AFTER you arrive, transportation to and from is provided by YOU, everything else is on me :-)

*We will have a chef, yoga instructor and license therapist on this trip to help us properly Renew, we ask that everyone is open minded and attentive to each other in order to experience this retreat to its full capacity*

Itinerary and location address will be sent via email in welcome package

*phone usage will only be permitted during designated times, we want to assure a fulfilling experience and full privacy for those that choose to share personal information*


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