Put Basquiat in the MOMA

Put Basquiat in the MOMA


black unisex crewneck sweatshirt that reads "Put Basquiat in the MoMA" in white embroidery

we'll explain..

“One Thursday in 1982, Jean-Michel tells Suzanne to stand and walk, they are going to the MOMA...... At the museum Jean-Michel takes a bottle of water out or his coat and walks through the halls sprinkling the water here and there around him. “I’d piss like a dog if i could” he says, as they wander past paintings by Pollock, Picasso, Kline and Braque. Suzanne does not even ask what he is doing. She knows this is one of his voodoo tricks


Suzanne cannot find even one. “This is another white man’s cotton plantation, “ he explains.

(Excerpt from “Widow Basquiat: a love story”


its safe to say we are protesting for Basquiat with this one!

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