No no no, it’s not what you think...


that is if you are thinking naughty… If your mind is clean then something along the lines of
“she’s in the mood to party”, or “she’s in the mood to plan… or to have fun.”

See now was that hard? She’s in the Mood is a brand dedicated to the classic girly girl.
You know….The “cute pen collector, Journal carrying with planner attached, that not only sends IG birthday
shout out (those are still very awesome) but also finds the time to surprise her family and friends with a
nice card and sometimes when she sticks to budget (which is sooo very hard) a nicely wrapped gift.

She is on her way to the life she is dreaming, planning and striving for, while still making time
to get dolled up for brunches and lay in comfy socks planning her week. Soooo now do you get it?
“she’s in the mood for... ” I’ll let you fill in the blank.

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