Getting started

Literally if you have been following me, you're fully aware of my attention deficit. I had a blog back in 2012 called polka dot c, I became so bored with it I just turned the damn thing off, I really was torn between exposure and privacy, and hell I couldn't decide so goodbye it went. I was 24, married and pregnant, since then I've went through a divorce and that little baby I was pregnant with now walks up and hands me boogers, so yeah you can see my life is totally different now and I'm willing to be way more transparent than I have been before, within reason. I have a few projects going on and I would like for you all to follow me on this journey and get to know them all! I am curious to know if you have any questions for me that you've always been curious about. If you would like to email anonymous, I will respectfully answer your question without revealing your identity, just shoot them over! 



Cheryse Fulton